Sunday, August 30, 2009

Windows 7 Useful Utilities

After playing with Windows 7 there are a number of programs i have found invaluable in filling a few small gaps that Windows has missed:

  • Wireless Autoswitch – This great utility disabled the wireless card whenever an Ethernet cable is plugged in.  This saves power and ensures there is only one connect to your LAN, which means you will not accidentally be transferring gigabytes of data over your wireless connection, which is inevitably 10x slower.  Cost = $AU10
  • BlueSoleil BT stack – This is the best BT stack i have come across, officially supports Windows 7, is updated on a regular basis and best of all can be purchased and used on your system for a wide range of BT modules.  Cost = $AU35
  • Winrar – DUH, best compression utility out there.  Cost = FREE (with reminder)
  • Virtual Clone Drive – This lets you mount disc images and use them like a CD/DVD has been inserted.  I used to use Daemon Tools but at this point in time the Lite version does not support Windows 7.  This utility supports Windows 7, integrates into explorer (ie - double click images to mount) and is free.  Plus, if you enable virtual sheep, you get a cute sheep as your disc icon …  Cost = FREE
  • Live Writer – I have a new found love for this simple app.  Im sure there is better out there but this does everything i need.  I can simply paste an image from the clipboard and it uploads it for me – man i cant believe i EVER used the Blogger editor …  Cost = FREE
  • SpeedFan – This great little utility reads the hardware sensors in your computer.  In particular i used it to monitor the temperature of my CPUs while initially playing around with Windows 7 because I had heard that under Windows 7 the MBP ran hot.  I have found this to be completely false with the CPUs never moving from 40C during normally daily operation.  Obviously while playing games the temperature can get higher but nothing to worry about.  It also picked up my GPU and hard drive temperatures.  I recommend changing the system tray font to white and large to make it fit nicely with the Windows 7 look and feel.  Cost = FREE

Ill post more as i think of them.  For now sleep time …

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