Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Windows 7 on Macbook Pro Unibody - Driver Issues

Ill be writing a lot about this combination of OS and laptop - considering i just bought myself a nice new 15" Macbook Pro Unibody with the intention of using Windows 7 as my primary OS. Im running the RC version at the moment and its running pretty nice. Damn nice in fact - but there are a few driver issues, which is totally due to the sad state of BootCamp at the moment. Out of the box i have these issues:

- Bluetooth driver 'isntalled' but device manager reports it is still using the MS driver
- iSight driver is the same issue
- Nvidia driver did not install
- ACPI support is abissmal
- Speaker sound volume is very low
- Sound does not switch to headphones when plugged in

Ill be addressing these issues as i fix them or try to fix them. If anyone has any tips let me know

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