Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bootcamp 3.1 Update Released

So Apple finally got around to releasing the update to the Bootcamp drivers which officially support Windows 7.  I have them installed now and as expected there is basically nothing to write home about.  Nothing has been improved or added that couldn’t be achieved before.  I guess the difference now is that instead of having to manually extract and install a bunch of drivers, they are all packaged correctly so that everything is fixed in this latest release.  Oh did i say everything?  I mean everything except the fact that the sound levels are still screwed.  My gosh how hard is it Apple!  Sure the SPDIF light does not stay on when in use but the sound volume level through the speakers is very low and the centre speaker does not appear activated.  Anyway its a step forward – download them here (64-bit) and here (32-bit).

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