Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wake On LAN (WoL) Magic Packet Sender Utility

Do you want a small, self-contained utility to remotely wake your computer?  As promised here is a utility you can use to do just that. This small utility offers the following features:

  • Wake a computer from a location that is external to the LAN
  • Wake a computer from within the LAN
  • Automatically store any number of host configurations for repeated use

Abracadabra WOL utility

Follow this guide to ensure your computer is setup correctly for use with WoL. If you are behind NAT or a firewall, ensure the port you specify for each host in the utility is forwarded to the relevant computer. At this point you may be wondering why i chose to write yet another WoL utility when there are already several free alternatives available. The problems i found with existing solutions could be grouped into one or more of the following:

  • Many utilities try to send a broadcast packet to the destination host from a location external to the LAN. 99% of consumer routers block these kinds of packets because they are commonly used in hacker attempts - hence the packet never makes it to the host. This utility does not use broadcast packets when sending externally so it does not suffer from this issue
  • The inability to wake hosts both externally and internally (broadcast is used internally since IP is not known)
  • The inability to save host configurations, requiring the details to be re-entered every time you want to wake a host

This motivated me to write this utility which allowed me to provide all the above functionality. Hopefully you find it useful – feel free to leave a comment if you want something improved or find it useful. Oh and browse the source if you are new to WPF and want to know how to write a simple app. Note that you will need at least the .NET framework 3.5 installed to run this application. This comes included with Windows 7.


Source Code

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sebastian said...

It seems that no matter what I try I can not get Abracadabra to actually wake Win 7 machine when used from another Win7 on the same subnet (with D-link router)

On the other hand Depicus Wake on Lan GUI

works absolutely fine in exactly same setup